Rock n Roll

PHOTOGRAPHY  DYC Photography   •   VENUE  The Grand Ballroom, Kempinksi Hotel

The show starts in 3..2..1..

We present you, Levianda! The Drummer Queen performed “Sing” by Ed Sheeran. Her energetic drum performance, accompanied with two Barongsai dancer on stage became a spectacular opening for the party.

“Wow! What a wonderful performance tonight. Everyone give a round of applause to Levianda!” said Melanie Ricardo, tonight’s MC along with Rian and Joey of Full Color Party Star. The “Rock n Roll” concert continued with more amazing stages. A unique couple Rock n Roll dance, Ribbon Dance, Flag Dance, and last but not least, Triple D Dancer – Levi’s sisters.

After the round of dance performances, the Drummer Queen was back and collaborated with famous drummers lead by JP. Millenix. More surprises are coming. 30 Flashmob Dancers went up on the stage while carrying a huge drum. They beat the drum together to revealed Levianda’s birthday cake hidden inside. The handsome actor Billy Davidson and Korean Singer Lee Jeong Hoon were there to congratulate Levi. Billy presented a flower bouquet, and Lee sang happy birthday for Levianda.