Magical Fairytale Kingdom

PHOTOGRAPHY  DYC Photography   •   VENUE  Bali Room, Kempinksi Hotel

If you keep on believing, a dream that you wish will come true~

Vania Melati is a cute and beautiful girl who adores fairytale and Disney. Her wildest dream is to have her own kingdom and become a princess. So we specially prepared a “Magical Fairytale Kingdom” themed party to celebrate her Sweet-17th birthday.

And we successfully made Vania’s dream come true! A majestic palace crafted beautifully on the stage. Luxurious venue decoration just like in fairy tales were set, complete with flowers, crystal lamps, table setting and a dreamy ten tiers birthday cake.

The awaited Princess Vania entered the royal ballroom escorted by two soldiers, and greeted on the stage by General Edric Tjandra along with Jonathan and Joey of Full Color Party Star. Vania looked graceful wearing a custom-made gown by Cynthia Tan. A prince charming has waited Vania to give her a surprise. Prince Marcell Chandrawinata entered the ballroom with royal robe carrying a bouquet and 17th candle for our Princess. At the end of the party he lead the disco time along with DJ Ricky.