Jessica in Wonderland

PHOTOGRAPHY  Cheese N Click   •   VENUE  Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast~

One- I can be a princess and have a magical and spectacular party for my Sweet-17th Birthday Party, like in the Wonderland. Two- I can sing a song with my sister for my family and the guests, and have an unforgettable moment with them. Three- a handsome prince will come to my party and be my soulmate. Four- I have my best friends in my party. I want to have fun with them. Five- my favorite group will sing me a happy birthday song. And six- I want all these things to become an unforgettable moment for me, my family and friends. And when I woke up from my sweet sleep, all the impossible things that I imagined are there for me. I found myself in a Wonderland!

“Let us welcome our Princess today, Princess Jessica!” said the MCs Oki and Jonathan of Full Color Party Star. And here she comes! Jessica entered while sang on her coach. A Prince Charming has waited to greet her. Jessica ascended the coach helped by Prince Billy Davidson. Her second and third wishes were granted! A little performance was also prepared by Jessica’s friends. They sang and danced for her, and Jessica was moved and incredibly happy with the surprise.

Will her fifth wish be granted as well? No doubt, Jessica’s favorite band is here. It’s RAN! “Happy birthday, Jessica! Let’s congratulate her together in three, two, one…” together with RAN, the whole family and friends sang Happy Birthday for Jessica. RAN performed their hits and entertained the guests. They also invited Jessica on the stage dan sang a song for her. And last, to fulfilled all her wishes and to make it an unforgettable moment, DJ Josh starts to play his music and makes everyone dancing under the light.