The Great Gatsby

PHOTOGRAPHY  Little Collins Photo   •   VENUE  Bali Room, Kempinksi Hotel

The Great Gatsby is all about luxurious, glamour, and royal. It contains gold and all the luxury things in the world. Our Gatsby Girl, Grace is celebrating her Sweet-16th Birthday Party tonight. The Gatsby party is starting now!

The sound of percussion performance by The Angel Percussion fulfilled Bali Room – Hotel Kempinski that night. The venue itself has adorned with the Great Gatsby themed decoration, complete with big glamour stage, pearls, gold carpet and flowers.

Our Gatsby Girl entered the ballroom, looked stunning with her diamond gown. The party was lead by duet MC Andovi da Lopez and Nathan of Full Color Party Star. Al Ghazali came as a special guest for Grace. Al carried the 16th candle for Grace and make a wish for her. Fun games from Andovi succeed in entertaining the whole party guests. And last but not least, a disco time lead by DJ Al Ghazali ends the magical night. Al invited Grace to accompany him on the stage while he plays the songs.