Erin Justine

Into The Woods

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY  Pixie Party   •   VENUE On Five, Grand Hyatt


Erin has lots of ideas in her mind when we discussed about her sweetest 15th birthday party celebration. She wanted to express herself and all her hobbies in this party. Fun, unique and magical party and of course one with a non-mainstream theme. So we decided to make an “Into the Woods” party for her.

The party itself was one hell of a kind! It felt like you are really going into the woods. Trees, flowers, animals and pretty lights decorated the room beautifully.

Our princess tonight has a special performance for all her guests. Along with 3 dancers she perform an energetic dance. She also has special MCs: Lee Jeong Hoon with Rian from Full Color Party Star and there’s also a special performance by Jaz Hayat. Jaz performed especially for the guests, he sang a special song for Erin and asked her to join him on the stage. Last but not least, disco time by DJ Josh ended the magical “Into the Woods” night.

The party wrapped-up by disco time by DJ Tisha. All the guests had a great time together under the light.