The Twilight Underworld

PHOTOGRAPHY  Little Collins   •   VENUE  The Grand Ballroom, Kempinksi Hotel

Welcome to The Twilight Underworld! Prepare yourself to enter the mysterious world of Erica Justine!

Erica is a pretty and unique girl. She wanted an amazing party with lots of surprises that anyone won’t ever imagine. She chose “The Twilight Underworld” as her party theme. What she likes about The Underworld things is that it’s a mix of cool genres, as well as creating its own message.

The party itself was one hell of a kind! It’s fun, mysterious vampire fantasy will make you shivering because of its awesomeness. A grand Underworld Palace decorated with red roses, candles, crystal lamp and branches added mysterious feel to the room. Not to mention that there’s a fortune-teller that would answer anything you asked.

The Queen of The Underworld, Erica dramatically popped out from an empty box. She looked grandeur wearing a black and red custom gown by Cynthia Tan. The special MCs, Fendy Chow with Nathan and Jennifer of Full Color Party Star also dressed like a vampire. A father-daughter dance was performed, and we can feel the strong bond between them. There was a surprise for Erica too. The Prince of The Underworld, Tanner Patrick came to greet her. Tanner held a special performance especially for the guests, and he invited Erica to sang together on stage. They made a great duet. Last but not least, disco time by DJ Josh ended the magical night of Twilight Underworld.