Beautiful Creatures

PHOTOGRAPHY  Vaja Photo   •   VENUE  Double Tree Hotel

Inspired by the supernatural love story movie – Beautiful Creatures, we made a unique birthday party for our beautiful birthday girl Catherine who loves unique yet romantic things.

The party starts with energetic performance from The Angel Percussion. And then, the duet MC by Boy William and Rian Sasmita from Full Color Party Star entered the ballroom and presented our main star of the night, Catherine. When she arrived in the ballroom of Double Tree Hotel, she quickly captured the attention of all the guests, Catherine’s beloved family and friends. Catherine looked stunning in symmetrical gown by Cynthia Tan, and she was escorted by 2 ballerinas. Boy William welcomed her and gave her a sweet hug. And then Catherine greeted all her family and friends.

The party continued with candle ceremony. 16 best friends of Catherine entered the ballroom with some questions about out birthday girl. Whoever can answer the questions right will get a special price.

And the main ceremony begin, for upon her seventeenth birthday Catherine must undergo the Claiming, a process that will decide her fate forever: Light or Dark. Catherine’s parent are there to help her. And of course, our beautiful and kind girl get the Light side.

The Overtunes came to sing her a happy birthday song. And together with Catherine, they had a great collaboration performance.

The party ended with disco time by DJ Tisha. All the guests had a great time together under the light.