The Twilight Garden

PHOTOGRAPHY  Full Color   •   VENUE  Bali Room, Kempinksi Hotel

The sound of piano and a beautiful voice from a mysterious man hypnotized everyone in Bali Room, Kempinski Hotel. Who is he? Nobody knows. That mysterious man descended from the stage, walked a girl into the room. She was Angell, our princess of the night! She looked stunning with pink flower custom dress by Cynthia Tan. “Good evening all family and friends. Welcome to my “Twilight Garden” party. Thanks for coming and enjoy”. Yes, today is her 17th birthday.

The mysterious men re-appeared, bringing a candle following 16 friends of Angell who entered the room previously. He kissed Angell’s cheek and revealed himself. He’s Chester See! The famous youtube star from America! How come we didn’t notice him?

Everyone cheered and Angell was speechless because Chester is her idol. “Tonight I’m not Chester See, I’m here as Angell’s special guy. Happy birthday Angell! May you have the greatest day ever and can continue your study to LA, so we can meet again and hang out there.” he said. Together with Angell, he blew the 17th candle on top of the birthday cake. Chester See played the piano and sang romantic songs for the birthday girl. The guests sang along with him. And finally Chester invited Angell on stage and sang a very special song just for her.