David Choi

“World class party organizer!”

Joseph Vincent

“Full Color, you bumble my
party like never before!”

Chester See

“I love Full Color! the party, the
athmosphere, the team, are all
great! Good job!”

Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider & Joel Manduke

“Unbelieveable! I never attend an
amazing party like you guys did!”

Al Ghazali

“Party Full Color beda dari yang
lain, keren banget!”

Tanner Patrick

“Really thank you Full Color for
inviting me to your amazing party!
You guys are amazing!”

Billy Davidson

“Cool party, cool team!
Love Full Color.”

Marcel Chandrawinata

“Unforgettable night, awesome!”

Verrel Bramasta

“Full Color is the best EO! Party
maker around!”


“Teruslah membuat acara
penuh warna.”

Ryan Higa

“Thanks for making
an AMAZING party.”

Lee Jeong Hoon

“Keep making great party!”

Edric Tjandra

“FC bisa bikin acara sweet 17th
yang beda sesuai keinginanmu.
Pokoknya FC hits banget!”


“The best! party nya makin
keren-keren banget! Seneng bisa
kerja sama Full Color team.”

Indra Bekti

“14 tahun kerja bareng FC udah
jadi bagian dari hidup gue.”

Bobby Tince

“Full Color paling Cucok!”

Daniel Mananta

“Damn! I love
partying with FC.”

Sandra Dewi

“Love Full Color.”

Petra Sihombing

“Party hard,
rock hard!”

Ivan Gunawan

“Color up your
party with Full Color!”

Dimas Beck

“Thanks for the fun night!”

Christian Bautista

“Thank you Full Color for inviting
me to the party. Always make a
great party and event.”


“The Best Party
Organizer in Town!”


“Always be the best party
organizer in town!”



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