Hello, We Are Full Color

Full Color is a full-service party organizer in Jakarta with top-quality party and event planning for any budget. Whether it’s a birthday party, prom night, farewell party, company gathering or a concert, we are more than ready to deliver your dream event.

What makes us different from the other party organizer? We truly understand that every individual has their own color and personality, therefore each party has to be different depending to their character. The Underworld Twilight, Fairytale Kingdom, Phantom of The Opera, The Victoria’s Secret Angel, Pirates Dream, and Hawaiian Party are just a few of our best theme. The best part is, you can have your very own theme. Just tell us your wildest dream party and we will make your dream come true.

We can offer you a complete package, from entertainment, decoration, mobile disco equipment, cake, documentation, professional design team and fashion designer. Our passionate crew are easy going and full of crazy ideas, and they are committed to realize your perfect dream party.

We can make your party even more special by featuring your favorite idol to your party! Local or international, it’s totally up to you. Just say the name and your idol will be there! Tanner Patrick, Joseph Vincent, Al Ghazali, Billy Davidson, and Verrell Bramasta are a few idols we have brought to our previous parties.

Every individual has it’s own color. Share yours now and let’s color your celebration with Full Color Party!

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